Designing Challenge – a Poll


I am pretty proud of my site, but it is the first site I’ve designed. Being new to this, and especially to WordPress, I would love your feedback.

What could I do better on this site?

I am open to any and all feedback – positive, negative, or mixed. I have seen conflicting recommendations and would love to know what actual real-life people think.

Also – a huge THANK YOU for visiting my site. I really appreciate it. It may seem odd, but your support is really helping me to write – not just the things I post here, but the poetry I publish and the novel I am working on. This has been such a motivational exercise and I don’t know how to thank you. Perhaps I will offer you all a free eBook on the anniversary of this site? Hmmm… Or maybe some merchandise? Open to advice on that, too!

Luci Lamb

3 thoughts on “Designing Challenge – a Poll

  1. I chose the ‘change nothing’ option. 😀 … here’s why. It’s not crowded. Nothing popped up as I was reading. The font is easy to read and an easy-on-the-eyes size.
    The only suggestion I can make is to have an ‘About Me’ page. I can’t tell you how many blogs I’ve visited because I came across something the person said, or wrote, etc, out in the interwebz and I wanted to find out more about them, so I pootled off to their blog/website … and everything is there, except that spark that hooked my attention in the first place.

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    1. Thank you so much! I took another look at your site and I see what you mean about the “about” page. I have one, but its under my name – not the recognizable “About”, and its really just my blurb. I’ll work on it. One more example of learning to shrug off fear. I thought it would be easier with pseudonym but nope – still scary to put myself out there to the world!

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