Its Just Pepporni

Too much pepperoni spoils the pizza.

Maybe you disagree. I mean, I like pineapple on pizza, so you may want to take my opinion with a grain of salt.

Taste is personal. My spouse asked me what I wanted on my pizza. I said pepperoni and mushroom. A nice, standard, nostalgic pizza.

He got double pepperoni, plus double of an additional type of pepperoni. So I found myself looking at a very proud husband and a pepperoni, mushroom, pepperoni, pepperoni, and pepperoni pizza. Wow.

Just wow.

I did eat it. A couple pieces. But I felt terrible after. Spices and grease and … and the cheese was all weird because eat was basically fried in pepperoni grease.

A glass of milk helped calm my stomach. But … my husband is so pleased with himself. I did explain that next time, less pepperoni would be better because of the grease, but he is obviously not understanding and I can’t explain it further without hurting his feelings.

So… am I doomed to too much pepperoni?

If it makes my love happy, than yes. Because how amazing is it that I told him what I want and he got me as much of it as he could?

Its great. Its wonderful. I am so lucky. But also… my stomach hurts.

Do you think this is what they mean by “Love hurts”?

Or is it just another example of the dangers of too much of a good thing?

Oh well. It’s just pepperoni. Right?


One thought on “Its Just Pepporni

  1. Yeah, it’s just pepperoni 😀 … but, these ‘little white lies’, build up over time, and I can guarantee they will come back and bite you on the arse one day, and it will be when you, both of you really, least expect it.
    Come clean, show him what you mean. His feelings, hurt or otherwise, aren’t more important than your health … and if they are, well then …

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