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The Their Love poetry anthology series is a collection of poems relevant for any gender and orientation. All included poems use “they/them”, or are nonspecific about gender. The poems are collected through contest submissions. The result is a beautiful collection of heartfelt poetry from authors all over the world.

The first book in the series focused on romantic love. For the second book, we will focus on familial love.

The love of family should be supportive, unconditional, and constant. Sometimes it is, and we would love to hear those poems that express the beauty of that. Other times, our families let us down.

For many in the nonbinary and LGBTQIA+ communities, family is a difficult topic. Let’s use poetry as a means to share our stories, our pain, our joys, our dreams, our fears, and our support with each other.

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  • Free
  • Accepting preorders and donations below, but they are not required and will not effect judging.


  • Get your submission in by October 15, 2023!


  • Familial love. There are many kinds of families – from blood relatives to found family and everyone in between. It’s your military brothers and sisters, your neighbor who basically raised you, the parent who was always there for you, or the one who turned their back on you. Filled with both positive and negative emotions, this book is designed to commiserate and inspire.


  • Must be a single poem of less than 600 words (no minimum).
  • No more than 5 submissions per author.
  • Must be related to family love (or lack thereof).
  • Please note editing/formatting will be minimal, so please submit your poem as you would like to see it in print (mind your punctuation, line breaks, and capitalization).
  • Include your penname with your submission, or note if the poem should be listed as “Anonymous”.
  • You may have previously published the poem, but by submitting the poem you are stating you have the right to do so, and it is not plagiarized in any way. You retain the rights to the poem but release it to be published by Lucidity Lamb in the “Their Love” poetry series, in eBook, paperback, or hardcover format, under your stated penname.
  • Must be in a format readable by my system, such as Microsoft Word.


  • Our panel of judges will review all submissions and determine the best poems to include in Their Love 2, Foundations based on originality, skill, depth of feeling, and adherence to concept.


  • November, 2023 (Precise date to be announced)


  • The grand prize will include paperback copies of both Their Love and Their Love 2, a cash prize, a receipt of publication, and additional prizes to be announced!
  • The top five authors will receive an additional prize (TBD)!
  • All winners will be included in the published book, and receive a certificate of publication!


As always, we are making this a free competition. However, we are accepting preorders this year so we can give the winner a cash prize. If you would like to preorder, you can do so through PayPal:

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“Their Love 2, Foundations”, includes poems relevant for lovers of any gender and orientation. “Foundations” centers on poems about family: Positive and negative experiences with original or found families. Your preorder allows the contest to give the winner a cash prize, helping to make this poetry compilation an exciting addition to the “Their Love” collection! All preorder proceeds will go into the prize pot!



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Contest is now open!
Deadline for submission will be October 15.

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Love is for everyone. Let’s stop defining it and start living it.

The first “Their Love” Poetry Contest created a romantic love-filled chapbook that included the winning poem, “A Kingdom of Two” by Phillip Knight Scott, and 24 other works by Cagedbird, Favour Allen, Jack Whyte, Lucidity Lamb, Mark Andrew Heathcote, Mark Sainz, Peter Miller, Phillip Knight Scott, and V Anos.

Congratulations again to Phillip Knight Scott for his poem, “A Kingdom of Two”!

In just eight lines, this heartwarming poem describes a beautiful scene, complete with symbolism and emotion. This is more than a love poem. It is a poetry refuge.

I am so appreciative of all the support received for “Their Love, A Poetry Refuge”! You can pick up the #Kindle eBook at any of the international links below, or you can get there through my Published Works page. “Their Love” is also available in paperback, and Lucidity Lamb’s eBooks are free on Kindle Unlimited. Prices are currently discounted!

Please consider leaving a review on Amazon or Goodreads to let others know how beautiful these poems are. It will mean a great deal to the included authors to see your support. The authors are from several different countries and age groups. I am so happy to know that the desire to see more gender-neutral poetry is international!

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