About Luci

Lucidity Lamb was born and raised in New England, shoveling snow and cheering for the Red Sox. Half a life later, she lives in Florida with her husband – a veteran who reminds her to live in the moment. She is intentionally positive whenever possible to counteract her natural tendency toward depression and anxiety. Poetry, music, and storytelling have always been Luci’s most comfortable ways of communicating.

Through her life, Luci was told many lies about herself. She believed them for a long time. In the 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s, no one was talking about things like Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS), Ehlers Danlos Syndrome (EDS) or any other of the oddities of her existence. There was no internet to easily research and connect with others who have similar things happening. So when people called her lazy or weird or rude, she had no way to defend herself.

Luci was diagnosed with Attention Deficient Disorder (ADD) in junior high, and was put in physical therapy for her hypermobility, hand/eye coordination, and speech issues. She has been battling depression and anxiety since the age of 6. She had to learn to adapt to the world that would not adapt to her. Like many people, she learned to mimic those around her so she would fit in. She got rather good at it – she made friends. She survived adolescence and college.

Like many people, she learned to mimic those around her so she would fit in.

In an effort to “succeed” in the world, Luci earned a degree in Biology and an MBA, but success has a funny way of redefining itself along the way. While her career is driven by structure, she pours her creativity, melancholy, and hope into her art.

Being bisexual (attracted to the same and different genders) came as a slow realization, starting in high school. She was not aware there were alternative ways to be until her world got bigger when she went to college. It was not frightening to her, though it was occasionally frustrating. She fell in love with straight women, only to watch them date and marry. Her first marriage was to a man who changed over the years until it became clear they no longer made a good match.

Single again in her 30’s, Luci came out to her mother and sister – mostly to warn them that she was open to dating any gender, so they should be prepared for that. It turned out her second marriage was to a wonderful man, an Army veteran with his own struggles. Together, they keep each other going, smiling, moving forward. He encourages her to write, to play, and to live.

In her 40s, she began the adventure of self-publishing. Luci is slowly publishing her poetry in a series entitled Lucid Lines. She worked on a novel for over a decade before deciding she just didn’t like it. She started a new novel in 2021 and hopes to finish it in 2022.

Meanwhile, she is also putting together a gender-neutral love poetry compilation. Luci recently responded to a question about why she decided to make a gender-neutral poetry book. She responded:

“I want people to know that they are valid. That love is not a sin. I am not always comfortable in my female skin and I think it is important that we support people trying to understand that the physical appearance and brain chemistry and all 46 chromosomes, with their thousands of genes, do not always match up the way we’ve been trained to think. The best way I know of to do that is to normalize the language. I often do that in my poetry. I am working to do that in my novel as well – to fill it with a mixture of interesting people. Like reality.”

Lucidity Lamb
Don’t be afraid to fly. Don’t be afraid to rest. You are not alone.

Luci is also learning the art of photography. It is another way to express her view of the world. She hopes to combine her writing and photography into a single book someday, but that must wait for her photography skills gain some experience. You can see some of her work on here page, here.