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Lucid Lines 3; Rolling Down – Celebration!

My friends, I have been working hard on getting my 3rd poetry chapbook ready to publish January 1st! I have sifted through all my poems and come up with 28 that will work well. Of course, they each need some editing still – but this is as close to a 1st draft as a poetry book can get! Let’s celebrate together! What wonderful thing happened recently? Did you get a new job? Start a new hobby? Find your lost shoe? Have a birthday? Face your fears? Find a penny, heads-up? Lets make a big deal of the little things as… Continue reading Lucid Lines 3; Rolling Down – Celebration!

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Poetry Contest: Their Love

Poetry Contest for Publication in “Their Love; A Poetry Refuge” (Working Title) Would you like to take part in a poetry compilation full of love poetry that does not indicate gender? Join the competition for which poems to include in this highly anticipated compilation! Enter your best gender-neutral, romantic love poem by pasting it in the field below. The competition is free to enter. First prize will receive a copy of the published paperback book. There is no monetary prize for this competition. Additional prizes will be announced at a later date. Submissions must be received by December 15th so… Continue reading Poetry Contest: Their Love

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