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Now Posting on Kindle Vella!

Are you on Kindle Vella? I’ve just recently made a profile and started uploading some of my work. I posted the first chapter of “Shadows of Sara”, a dark, depressed, sexy, deadly, hopeful story about finding ways to feel like life is a good idea. “Read Me” is about Sara, who’s buried psychic ability has suddenly returned, plunging her into a world of mobsters – and she was just getting used to balancing her jobs dealing with strippers and real estate agents. Meanwhile, a man from her past is trying to survive long enough to warn her before it’s too… Continue reading Now Posting on Kindle Vella!

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To Make a Story Short… (A Poll)

I’ve decided my next project will be a collection of short stories. I have a few ideas. I am considering making this a compilation but need a theme. After all, everyone has a story to tell. What do you think? Which short story compilation would you read? And would you want to participate? Do you have a short story just waiting for the chance to be published? What is it about? Leave me comments with your answers whether or not you can access the following poll. Continue reading To Make a Story Short… (A Poll)

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Free Poetry eBook! Share the Love!

THANK YOU! I am so appreciative of all the support I’ve received while publishing the inclusive compilation, “Their Love, A Poetry Refuge”! You can pick up the #Kindle eBook free this weekend (Saturday, February 19, 2022, 12:00 AM PST to Sunday, February 20, 2022, 11:59 PM PST)! I will put the international links below, or you can find […]Free Poetry eBook! Share the Love! Continue reading Free Poetry eBook! Share the Love!

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