Launching this website is one of many steps to externalizing my dreams. I am an introvert. My writing and art has always been private, as I never considered it professional. But it occurred to me that no-one begins as a professional artist. What makes you a professional is taking the steps that lead to your work being shared with the public.

So, here I am, sharing with the public. I have one published chapbook of poetry, Lucid Lines; Poetry of Truth. But I have many more poems built up over time and in current creation. Hopefully, you find some enjoyment or connection in reading them. We are all just people. All we can do is our best on any given day. This launch is me, doing my best to step out of my comfort zone and share who I am. Because no matter what pays the bills, it is time to launch my profession as Lucidity Lamb, Author.

With Love,

Luci Lamb


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