Their Love, A Poetry Competition

A Gender-Neutral Love Poetry Collection

Congratulations to the authors who were selected to be included in the book! There were many fabulous poems submitted – you really made the decisions difficult for our panel of judges!

Their Love; A Poetry Refuge, is the highly anticipated collection of love poems designed to be relevant for lovers of any gender and orientation. It will be available for sale beginning February 14!

The following poets have one or more poems in “Their Love, A Poetry Refuge”!

In alphabetical order:
Favour Allen
Jack Whyte
Lucidity Lamb
Mark Andrew Heathcote 
Mark Sainz
Peter Miller
Phillip Knight Scott
V Anos 

You should all be very proud of your work. I will be reaching out to you soon send you your certificates!

The winner (drumroll please) is …

Phillip Knight Scott for his poem, “A Kingdom of Two”.

Excellent work, Phillip!

Thank you to all who submitted poems for the competition!

All authors with at least one poem in the book will receive a certificate of publication via email, suitable for framing, as well as a copy of the published eBook! To keep the competition free, there is no monetary prize this year.

The 1st place winner will also receive a copy of the published paperback book.

Submissions are closed for “Their Love, A Poetry Refuge”. However, I am considering doing a non-religious holiday version. What do you think?

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