I’m Trying

It’s remarkable how many people are not trying. I know that. I have had times in my life when I didn’t either – I wouldn’t want to sound like I’m any different than anyone else. But if I say, “I’m trying,” it isn’t a joke.

It’s not a lie. And its nothing to be ashamed of or to be laughed at for.

Everyone has hard days and the one thing that can make anybody’s day worse is to minimalize their struggles. We should not assume anything.

I remember getting a tour of a gym years ago. I decided I wanted to loose some weight to help me be my healthiest self (there may have been a divorce involved). The fitness guru took me around to show me the equipment and she said to me, “It can be busy this time of day, but people usually don’t look at each other, so there is nothing to be embarrassed about.” Now, there are several things wrong with that statement but I’m rather proud of my reply. “Why would anyone be embarrassed about trying to be healthier?”

We can encourage and support each other, if the recipient of that support is willing, but assumptions are seldom correct.

She had assumed I would be embarrassed to not be fit, in a place where people get fit. But if we all had already accomplished our goals, what would be the point of life? She was making assumptions – and making an ass of herself in the process. Its right there in the spelling, that thing about ‘making an ass out of u and me‘.

Let’s all try to remember that we don’t know everything, shall we? It is truly none of my business if you are trying or not. It is not my business to judge. Even an actual judge is not in the business of randomly judging people from first impressions or snap decisions.

This is one of those times that the golden rule doesn’t always work. Because it is another assumption, isn’t it? Perhaps you would like to have people assume you need help or inspiration or to be flattered or condescended to. Perhaps you enjoy having people assume you want attention or that you are working hard because you are unhappy at home. That doesn’t mean that another person feels the same way.

There are so many assumptions we can make about each other. But please, try not to assume people are doing anything less than their best. If possible, don’t assume anything at all.


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