The Bulbous Beast of Castle Boudoir

The Bulbous Beast of Castle Boudoir, Blamed me for the curse upon its head. Never will I forget the terror and Wreckage left ‘neath its pounding tread. I fled into the mountain’s mystery, Curtained beneath the broken stone. But it found me shaking in shadow, Revealed by the serpent’s clone. Howled, did I, and screeched, did it, As it trapped me beneath its towering form. … Continue reading The Bulbous Beast of Castle Boudoir

Fences of Freedom

Friends, I have been rather stressed lately and dealing with some increased depression. But I went for a drive a few days ago and took some pictures looking out the window. It’s amazing how beautiful the world is, even if you can’t see it at first. I’ve been looking at these pictures today and realizing how gorgeous they are. But I noticed they all have … Continue reading Fences of Freedom

Be Kind, Be Honest, Be Brave

There is something I would like to say to people in my home country. Don’t be afraid to have a different opinion than your neighbors, family, and friends. The USA is based on the idea that we can get along without agreeing on everything. Freedom of speech means we can have open, honest discussions without fear of government reprisal. We should be kind though. We … Continue reading Be Kind, Be Honest, Be Brave