In Color, a poem of the atypical

She doesn’t know what she wants to be named, only that the tea-stained name she’s heard over decades of being talked at doesn’t fit. She’s a survivor but her feelings get purple sometimes. She sees in color what others only hear. Words are rainbow realities. And she’s confused for a moment when In a casual conversation They say “now you understand” Because she understood before. … Continue reading In Color, a poem of the atypical

Shifting, a poem of hope

Shifting Ajune’s past was scratched off and abandoned, an old snake’s skin left to decay on the couch. Free of old fears, unblinded eyes registered the beauty of the moment as each box filled. Youth is moved through trembling fingers, shifting innocence from the present into the past. The ones who should shelter and care, instead crumple pictures and faces, turning away. The last scene … Continue reading Shifting, a poem of hope