I’m a Nudist Who Wears Clothes

Photo by Rene Asmussen on Pexels.com

It’s not that I’m all that attractive, or morally opposed to something. I just think clothes are dumb.

Unless you are cold.

Or sweaty.

Or shy.

But this idea of wearing clothes all the time is just … ridiculous to me.

1. It is a lie. Why do you think you need to hide your truth? We have unique patterns to our skin caused by what we have survived. I have wrinkles and scars, blemishes and lumps and rolls and stretch marks. I struggle with not getting enough exercise and I love sugar. I have thyroid problems and more body hair than the models I see on tv. But that’s just me – that’s my truth.

2. It is wasteful. Want to be green? Stop wasting cloth and silk and leather and plastic and chemicals and dyes.

3. It is hiding natural beauty. Why do you think you look better covered by a fifteen dollar shirt than you do in your real skin? Maybe if more people walked around naked, we’d all feel a little less self-conscious.

I don’t need more reasons. If I have to hide out of fear, then fix the cause. If you want to know my qualifications for a job, judge my character instead of my shoes. If you want me to be solemn in church, maybe you should focus on your own prayers instead of my assets.

Just a thought. What do you think ?


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