Blind, a poem of obsession

Find me in the sandstorm, my love,

Eyes scratched out and blind.

I am waiting here for you

To come to your senses in time.

We were meant to be together,

Even my psychic agrees.

My beautiful lover, I know,

You will come someday to me.

Remember the time we spoke

Of dreams we each held fast?

And you told me that you hated

How nothing really lasts?

And, it’s true, we never kissed.

And it’s true we never were alone.

But oh, how we laughed that day!

Your eyes spoke volumes to my soul.

You were so kind to pity her,

I know you’d have rather left with me.

I love how big your heart is, dear,

But it’s only fair now to leave her be.

You and I both know that true love

Never surrenders, never gives in.

If she won’t stop interfering with destiny,

I’m brave enough to carry the sin.

She can’t hold you there against your will.

She does not deserve the patience you’ve shown.

I can tell by the way you look at me,

You’d rather marry me and make a home.

That bitch has got to let you leave.

Poor man, faking joy while you’re abused.

Don’t be afraid, I’ve got a plan.

She’ll be gone. You won’t be accused.

I may have to go away for a while,

But I know, my love, you’ll wait.

After all, it’s so easy for passion

To transform sweet love to hate.


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