The Hidden Heart, a poem

The Hidden Heart And she rides the feather with her eyes, Escaping the ground in her mind, Fleeing the sound of her own voice, Repeating empty, boring lies. And she sighs as Veronica passes by, Her scent, her shape, her smile, Pretending friendship will satisfy, Aching with unrequited desires. And she locks the door to her room. Alone is better than consumed. This world is … Continue reading The Hidden Heart, a poem

Be Kind, Be Honest, Be Brave

There is something I would like to say to people in my home country. Don’t be afraid to have a different opinion than your neighbors, family, and friends. The USA is based on the idea that we can get along without agreeing on everything. Freedom of speech means we can have open, honest discussions without fear of government reprisal. We should be kind though. We … Continue reading Be Kind, Be Honest, Be Brave

Cobblestones, Part 1

And she asked Sydney about death. “Do you fear death?” When Sydney did not respond, she continued. “Some say if you don’t fear death, you aren’t living well. But I don’t know. I know death is part of life, but still…” “Hmm,” Sydney considered. “I think there is nothing to fear about death,” Sydney said. Her brow furrowed. “Of course there is. Everyone fears death.” … Continue reading Cobblestones, Part 1

Jenny and Margie, a busted up tale

A Tale of Jenny and Margie Let me tell you about Jenny, just a little tale I heard. How the best of intentions don’t make a difference in the world when you’re half drunk and half dead and up since last Thursday. I can’t tell you how she got there – it’s illegal, but don’t worry. She made a decision to change things, so never … Continue reading Jenny and Margie, a busted up tale

Free Poetry eBook! Share the Love!

THANK YOU! I am so appreciative of all the support I’ve received while publishing the inclusive compilation, “Their Love, A Poetry Refuge”! You can pick up the #Kindle eBook free this weekend (Saturday, February 19, 2022, 12:00 AM PST to Sunday, February 20, 2022, 11:59 PM PST)! I will put the international links below, or you can find […] Free Poetry eBook! Share the Love! Continue reading Free Poetry eBook! Share the Love!

Shifting, a poem of hope

Shifting Ajune’s past was scratched off and abandoned, an old snake’s skin left to decay on the couch. Free of old fears, unblinded eyes registered the beauty of the moment as each box filled. Youth is moved through trembling fingers, shifting innocence from the present into the past. The ones who should shelter and care, instead crumple pictures and faces, turning away. The last scene … Continue reading Shifting, a poem of hope