Close Your Eyes, a poem, a moment, a note

Close Your Eyes If I thought my death might be a trigger To end some peace that you hold dear, Or that the world would stop spinning If I left you alone here, I might stay with you and forget The hollow feeling inside, But the waters unrelenting. The truth won’t be denied. I remember that day clearly, Every second ticking by, The realization in … Continue reading Close Your Eyes, a poem, a moment, a note

Letter of Webs, their unread poem

Letter of Webs There is a pain In Jules’ straw-strewn head, Like spiders spinning Neurons into webs. . They sat and weaved Words from dreams and fears. Saline bleeding Arterial tears. . They filled the letter With what was held back before. Used wit, poise and humor, To darkest secrets adorn. . Sins threaded like silk through Tiny needles pull knots. Thoughts spinning, screaming, Are … Continue reading Letter of Webs, their unread poem

A Custom Cage, a poem of falling

A Custom Cage Blood and rouge, Greed and dread. I saw your face, Heard what you said. Sleep calls, singing, ringing. Let me find you in the dark. ~~~ I broke it down, Elements of life, Carbon unfastened, Building blocks of strife. Pace of ocean waves, unyielding. Cuckoo chasing silent lark. ~~~ My electrons Are mixed with yours, On the moon And foreign shores. Blind … Continue reading A Custom Cage, a poem of falling

Dissolve, a poem of anticipation

Dissolve I glide in salty, rain-drenched seas, Kindred to each fish And each molecule of water. ~ It’s another death and I Can’t wait to see How it begins. ~ I swim through ochre-grey skies, Blind and all-seeing. Flying like a bat, falling like a god. ~ It’s another me and I Can’t wait to see What I will become. ~ I burn 37 miles … Continue reading Dissolve, a poem of anticipation

Unheard Warnings, a poem

Unheard Warnings Speaking loud into the ether, hoping that someone will hear. Shouting silent words of wisdom, unwrapped from my mortal fear. Know the history, heed its warning. Find it waiting for you there. In the winter, I will slumber; liken me to bear and squirrel. In the autumn, find me wishing always to be have been a girl. In the springtime, in the summer, … Continue reading Unheard Warnings, a poem