Beads and Bones

People make jewelry out of the strangest things. Beads made of clay or stone or gems. I used to have a bracelet made of lava and squirrel vertebrae. I loved that thing.

This is a weird blog – I’m really not sure where I’m going with it. I’ve just been thinking about that bracelet. I miss it. It was supposed to help me avoid anger/stay calm and also ward off depression I believe. Did it? well, yes, actually. I feel like it did help me.

And why not? I mean, I know cat bones are designed to vibrate at a specific frequency so that the vibration of their purring actually helps the bones to heal quickly. They use the concept in sports medicine. Are squirrels like cats? I don’t know. Were the bones just decorative and the real magic was in the lava? Maybe I need to get myself a bucket of lava and see what happens.

Have you studied gems and crystals and such?

I know there are entire fields of study about this – some of which are hooey and some are very cool. I am a big fan of the science of vibration, which is one place that many of the effects of such beads and bones come from.

I just don’t know much about it. Perhaps it is time I do some research. Perhaps its time I go out and start collecting squirrel vertebrae. I don’t know.

Anyone have a dead squirrel handy?


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