Will to Rise, a poem

Photo by Joseph Yu on Pexels.com


Will my body now to rise from soft haven, sweet and calm.

Will my soul to stir inside and still living, carry on.

Will myself to lift and stretch, to move with intention pure.

Will my frame to strongly stand, giving in to life’s allure.

Will my thoughts to clarify, and lock upon what I so choose.

Will my doubt to nullify, beneath such sure positive truths.

Will these dreams of confidence to never be denied my use.

Will this daily stumbling dance to keep me safe from all abuse.

Will my path to self-guided be, unless I choose another lane.

Will my gaze to unblinded see, no matter if it cause me pain.

Will myself to myself be true; Embolden me to travel far.

Will my will to traverse through any obstacles afar.

Will my lips to smiling, speak, “Good Morning” to the shining sun.

Will my heart to steady beat for myself, or for no one.

Photo by Ave Calvar Martinez on Pexels.com

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