Cobblestones, Part 1

And she asked Sydney about death. “Do you fear death?” When Sydney did not respond, she continued. “Some say if you don’t fear death, you aren’t living well. But I don’t know. I know death is part of life, but still…” “Hmm,” Sydney considered. “I think there is nothing to fear about death,” Sydney said. Her brow furrowed. “Of course there is. Everyone fears death.” … Continue reading Cobblestones, Part 1

Dissolve, a poem of anticipation

Dissolve I glide in salty, rain-drenched seas, Kindred to each fish And each molecule of water. ~ It’s another death and I Can’t wait to see How it begins. ~ I swim through ochre-grey skies, Blind and all-seeing. Flying like a bat, falling like a god. ~ It’s another me and I Can’t wait to see What I will become. ~ I burn 37 miles … Continue reading Dissolve, a poem of anticipation

Unheard Warnings, a poem

Unheard Warnings Speaking loud into the ether, hoping that someone will hear. Shouting silent words of wisdom, unwrapped from my mortal fear. Know the history, heed its warning. Find it waiting for you there. In the winter, I will slumber; liken me to bear and squirrel. In the autumn, find me wishing always to be have been a girl. In the springtime, in the summer, … Continue reading Unheard Warnings, a poem