Nature is filled with spirals that equate precisely to the math of the stars, the seas, and so much of what we know of life.

Isn’t it interesting how much of life fits into mathematical equations?

There is a connection between everything. Humans have studied it for years. Science cannot dissuade it. I stead, science continues to prove it.

The vibration of the stars is the same as that of the music we play, just in a different octave. The salinity of the sea is nearly the same as the a alinity of our bodies. And the spiral… the perfection seen in so many aspects ts of our universe.

You are never alone; never closed out of life. You are family to flowers and sun’s. You are the flesh of the universe.

We are us. To love or hate, to bring joy or pain, to respect or dimiss any person or thing is to do the same to ourselves.

I love each and every one of you- each person, place, and thing-as if you were a part of me. After all, we are all connected.


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