Their Love, A Poetry Competition

A Gender-Neutral Love Poetry Contest for Publication “Their Love; A Poetry Refuge”, is the highly anticipated collection of love poems designed to be relevant for lovers of any gender and orientation. Share the love! Be published for free in this poetry compilation full of gender-neutral, romantic love poems by submitting up to 4 poems in the competition. Submit up to 4 poems to be published … Continue reading Their Love, A Poetry Competition


Designing Challenge – a Poll

I am pretty proud of my site, but it is the first site I’ve designed. Being new to this, and especially to WordPress, I would love your feedback. What could I do better on this site? I am open to any and all feedback – positive, negative, or mixed. I have seen conflicting recommendations and would love to know what actual real-life people think. Also … Continue reading Designing Challenge – a Poll

Lucid Lines 3; Rolling Down – Celebration!

My friends, I have been working hard on getting my 3rd poetry chapbook ready to publish January 1st! I have sifted through all my poems and come up with 28 that will work well. Of course, they each need some editing still – but this is as close to a 1st draft as a poetry book can get! Let’s celebrate together! What wonderful thing happened … Continue reading Lucid Lines 3; Rolling Down – Celebration!