The Hidden Heart, a poem

The Hidden Heart And she rides the feather with her eyes, Escaping the ground in her mind, Fleeing the sound of her own voice, Repeating empty, boring lies. And she sighs as Veronica passes by, Her scent, her shape, her smile, Pretending friendship will satisfy, Aching with unrequited desires. And she locks the door to her room. Alone is better than consumed. This world is … Continue reading The Hidden Heart, a poem

The Judge, a poem for the forsaken

Hello my demon friends and foes. I’ve come to offer you this rose. Salty iron, red with love, Dripping beauty, tears, and blood. Death is dreaming, soon to waken. Life is barren and forsaken. Plead with me for scales unweighted. No judge blinded, decided, jaded. Within the world of whispers quiet, Without the verbal pulpit pilots, Where only pride is price to paupers, Patience cannot … Continue reading The Judge, a poem for the forsaken