Elegy of the Coffee Mug

Weird to have a warning for a 4-line poem about a coffee mug, but… if you are triggered by suicide, best to avoid this post.

Empty vessel, once full of life,
Waiting, ready to be cleansed.
Solid but useless without the drug,
Nothing but darkness, time to end.

Just a little something I wrote because of a visual prompt.

A visual prompt is when you close your eyes, then open them, and the first thing you focus on is your prompt.

In this case, it was a dirty coffee mug that I didn’t want to clean. I did not mean for the poem to be about a suicidal coffee mug, but there you go.

I highly recommend visual prompts because not only do they help with creativity, they give you a new view of the everyday things that tend to become part of our background. Appreciate everything.

Stay chipper, friends!

Luci Lamb

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