There comes a time when one must realize an end.
We are here on borrowed time,
Using borrowed bodies, hearts, and minds.

Our memories and actions will be erased.
Only our souls, memoryless,
Shall endure as maturing beings.

We are immortal, but our bodies are not.
Life is an overwhelming
And educational condition.

Soul to souls to soul, visceral bodies spent.
Only our true cores shall last,
Perfect; No lies, no longings, no life.

The love we feel or give will evaporate.
Only warm, full, unbound love,
The cornerstone of creation, is
aging flowers
Photography by Lucidity Lamb

Do you want to be immortal?

About the time that immortality would come in handy, I think most people realize they don’t want it.

I think it would be awesome for a lot of reasons, but awful for many other reasons.

I can’t think of anything worse then not being able to die, so it does depend somewhat on the details. Is it true immortality? Or is it no aging, no sickness…

Would my body be magically cured, or would I be in my current state forever?

What if I change my mind in 200 years?

Would I be the only one?

I’m going to need a lot of details on this before I make any decisions.

I’m interested in what you think.

Do you want to be immortal?


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