Unheard Warnings, a poem

Unheard Warnings Speaking loud into the ether, hoping that someone will hear. Shouting silent words of wisdom, unwrapped from my mortal fear. Know the history, heed its warning. Find it waiting for you there. In the winter, I will slumber; liken me to bear and squirrel. In the autumn, find me wishing always to be have been a girl. In the springtime, in the summer, … Continue reading Unheard Warnings, a poem

Sunrays Like Rivers, a poetic wish

There is a wood with no beginning. Glad am I, to see it spread above me now, canopy thinning. I wish that I may find the end. I could rise like birds from ashes, or carried by twisting winds. I would melt into the ether, finally living out my end. If desire and desperation could reality impart, I would ride sunrays like rivers, freedom lightening … Continue reading Sunrays Like Rivers, a poetic wish

Jenny and Margie, a busted up tale

A Tale of Jenny and Margie Let me tell you about Jenny, just a little tale I heard. How the best of intentions don’t make a difference in the world when you’re half drunk and half dead and up since last Thursday. I can’t tell you how she got there – it’s illegal, but don’t worry. She made a decision to change things, so never … Continue reading Jenny and Margie, a busted up tale

The Bulbous Beast of Castle Boudoir

The Bulbous Beast of Castle Boudoir, Blamed me for the curse upon its head. Never will I forget the terror and Wreckage left ‘neath its pounding tread. I fled into the mountain’s mystery, Curtained beneath the broken stone. But it found me shaking in shadow, Revealed by the serpent’s clone. Howled, did I, and screeched, did it, As it trapped me beneath its towering form. … Continue reading The Bulbous Beast of Castle Boudoir

The Judge, a poem for the forsaken

Hello my demon friends and foes. I’ve come to offer you this rose. Salty iron, red with love, Dripping beauty, tears, and blood. Death is dreaming, soon to waken. Life is barren and forsaken. Plead with me for scales unweighted. No judge blinded, decided, jaded. Within the world of whispers quiet, Without the verbal pulpit pilots, Where only pride is price to paupers, Patience cannot … Continue reading The Judge, a poem for the forsaken

Where Are You Going?

There are days when I want to scream “Where am I going?!” In San Francisco, they have a fabulous trolley rail system. It keeps the trolley cars “on track”. I have often wished for a similar system in my life. Wouldn’t that be lovely? You leave your childhood, settle on your designated trolley rail, and life just… happens. I know, its not a very independent … Continue reading Where Are You Going?