Pet Hamster Zombie; a Short Commentary on the Longevity of Feeling Meh

Photography by Lucidity Lamb
Shout out to the depressed
Just trying to get by.
Keeping eyes open
With regurgitated lies

I don’t feel happy
I’m not even that sad
I say I’m hopeful
So they don’t feel bad

It’ll be okay
If tomorrow ever comes
But I’ll still be struggling 
To believe in the dawn.

Hello, friends!

I thought I’d share a little ditty I wrote as 2020 was ending. Now that we are staring at the beginning of 2022, I’d like to say I don’t feel like that anymore. But guess what?

Depression doesn’t just disappear because you are having a good day – or even a good year.

I can sit here, honestly proud of some things, happy about other things, and purposefully excited about things to come – and still …. if I let the façade drop … There it is.

Depression. Like an old friend, or old enemy, or old pet hamster zombie that expended all it’s energy digging out of its own grave and now just wants to sprawl on my favorite rug, grossing out my neighbors, frightening my family, and rotting the floorboards beneath.

Best not to think too hard about it.

I’m too busy pretending to be chipper to be depressed! Woot!

May you and your coping mechanisms have a fabulous New Year’s Eve, New Year’s Day, and New Year!

With Love,
Luci Lamb

Life’s a game – Let’s keep playing!


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