Be Kind, Be Honest, Be Brave

There is something I would like to say.

Don’t be afraid to have a different opinion than your neighbors, family, and friends.

My country is based on the idea that we can get along without agreeing on everything. Freedom of speech means we can have open, honest discussions without fear of government reprisal.

We should be kind though. We should not use our freedoms to fling childish slanders and hurtful lies. Be responsible enough to prove we are worthy of our freedoms. You are free to hate, even – but that does not mean you should hurt.

You can love people who disagree with you – it doesn’t mean you lose your own integrity. Loving those you disagree with shows you have integrity. I promise you, we have different opinions on some things but I still love you and respect you enough to let you have your opinion.

Always Be Learning

Be honest with yourself. And if you disagree with someone, or with everyone, remember that you might have thought of something different. Consider asking them why they hold their opinion. You may know something they don’t about things that have happened in the past. You might not know something that others know. You are not omniscient. You are not always right.

You are human, just like me. We did not all get the same education. We did not all have that one teacher that opened our eyes, or read that one book that broadened our knowledge, or had the unique epiphany that changed our perception.

This is what I think: Be honest, be kind, and be brave enough to be open to new and old ideas. Whether you are discussing politics, culture, weapons, religion, or anything else.

Keep your brain turned on.

Listen to each other. Then think for yourself.

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Maybe you don’t agree with this post. If that is the case, please tell me why. I am open to learning – I love challenging my own perceptions. Verbalizing our thoughts can only help us to think more. I don’t usually give many opinions in my writing because I don’t think this is the forum to talk about a bunch of topics. However, I can’t think of a better topic for a writer than Freedom of Speech.


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