Funny, a poem that is not



how the world keeps turning even when your

heart stops finding meaning in its beat.

And when the wronged is lying but seems so honest

and the good guy is blamed.


how the gender or race or wealth of a human

is lifted up as the trigger for pain.

And when the lies are regretted but it starts

a war and someone’s daddy is dead.


how we do laugh at the crazy state of the world

because we think we can’t change it.

And when the jokes become screams and the fear

becomes rage and we know we’ll all lose.


how we trapped ourselves with all the silence

and cruelty and selfishness day after day.

And when we have a chance to check a box that

might change something we stay home.


how we let them win over We the People just because

they say we should.

And when the stones we threw skyward turn back

our way and the crushing truth wins.


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