Fences of Freedom

Lucidity Lamb Photography

Friends, I have been rather stressed lately and dealing with some increased depression. But I went for a drive a few days ago and took some pictures looking out the window.

It’s amazing how beautiful the world is, even if you can’t see it at first. I’ve been looking at these pictures today and realizing how gorgeous they are. But I noticed they all have fences in them.

Lucidity Lamb Photography

So much of our world has fences in it. So much of our lives have fences in them, too. Do we put the fenses there ourselves? Does someone else put them there?

Should we stay on one side of the fence, or the other? Are fences there so that we know know how far we’ve come, how far we have left to go, or are they not marking anything? Are they just there with no rhyme or reason. Barring our way forward or restricting our return?

Lucidity Lamb Photography

These fences are not solid. These fences can be jumped or even destroyed.

What about our own fences? Are they so easy to dismantle, move, and rebuild? Should the whole world be free of fences?

Do the fences let us know where our world is? Are they the seams that tell us when we’re moving from one portion to the next, even though it’s all the same field? Are they protecting us? Are they even really there?

Lucidity Lamb Photography

I don’t have any answers. Just thoughts.

Maybe more fences would be better if it helps me teach my thoughts to stay where I put them.

Lucidity Lamb Photography
Lucidity Lamb Photography

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