In Color, a poem of the atypical

She doesn’t know what she wants to be named, only that the tea-stained name she’s heard over decades of being talked at doesn’t fit. She’s a survivor but her feelings get purple sometimes. She sees in color what others only hear. Words are rainbow realities. And she’s confused for a moment when In a casual conversation They say “now you understand” Because she understood before. … Continue reading In Color, a poem of the atypical

The Judge, a poem for the forsaken

Hello my demon friends and foes. I’ve come to offer you this rose. Salty iron, red with love, Dripping beauty, tears, and blood. Death is dreaming, soon to waken. Life is barren and forsaken. Plead with me for scales unweighted. No judge blinded, decided, jaded. Within the world of whispers quiet, Without the verbal pulpit pilots, Where only pride is price to paupers, Patience cannot … Continue reading The Judge, a poem for the forsaken

Will to Rise, a poem

WILL TO RISE Will my body now to rise from soft haven, sweet and calm. Will my soul to stir inside and still living, carry on. Will myself to lift and stretch, to move with intention pure. Will my frame to strongly stand, giving in to life’s allure. Will my thoughts to clarify, and lock upon what I so choose. Will my doubt to nullify, … Continue reading Will to Rise, a poem