To Make a Story Short… (A Poll)

I’ve decided my next project will be a collection of short stories. I have a few ideas. I am considering making this a compilation but need a theme. After all, everyone has a story to tell. What do you think? Which short story compilation would you read? And would you want to participate? Do you have a short story just waiting for the chance to … Continue reading To Make a Story Short… (A Poll)

Leave the Burning to the Fire.

If you could burn anything – any idea, object, word, insect – Anything – what would you burn? I think I would burn procrastination. It is the bane of my existence. Mosquitos could go, but they do feed the spiders that feed the birds, etc. Maybe global warming, but that is a result, not a thing…World hunger is kind of a given but it’s so … Continue reading Leave the Burning to the Fire.


Nature is filled with spirals that equate precisely to the math of the stars, the seas, and so much of what we know of life. Isn’t it interesting how much of life fits into mathematical equations? There is a connection between everything. Humans have studied it for years. Science cannot dissuade it. Instead, science continues to prove it. The vibration of the stars is the … Continue reading Connections