Leave the Burning to the Fire.

If you could burn anything – any idea, object, word, insect – Anything – what would you burn?

Photo by Lucidity Lamb

I think I would burn procrastination. It is the bane of my existence. Mosquitos could go, but they do feed the spiders that feed the birds, etc. Maybe global warming, but that is a result, not a thing…World hunger is kind of a given but it’s so complex an issue I’m not sure it would work.

The fact is, every issue is complex, isn’t it? And every bad thing allows good to prove itself, or at least to show itself in comparison.

You can’t just burn things.

Whatever it is you want to burn, is there another way to deal with it?

I mean, I am procrastinating right now. I could do this later, after I get some work done, but I don’t want to work. So I procrastinate.

Would I really do this later though? I only seem to come up with posts when I’m supposed to be doing something else.

I guess even procrastinating has its use.

Oh well, fire is pretty anyway. Sometimes you just need to let it burn for it’s own sake. Because it turns out, just about everything has a use, even fire.

Fire is good at keeping us warm cooking food, clearing debris to give room for new life, helping us mold metal and cook clay.

Why do we consider it a destructive force when it’s so good at creating things?

Perhaps the concept we need to burn is that burning concepts is going to get us anywhere. Things don’t just go away. They can’t. We either learn to accept them, or we learn to fix them if we have the power and the right.

Leave the burning to the fire.


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