Counting Scars

There are so many things that we hide:

Who we are,

Who we want to be,

Who we were.

But what we have been through is the very definition of who we are.

What we dream defines who we will become.

If anyone is to ever know us- if anyone is to ever truly love us,

We must be honest with ourselves, and then be honest with the world.

Our differences are what make us unique humans.

Our scars, inside and out, are what we should be most proud of.

They are what have brought us here.

They help us understand what we should (or should not) do next.

I’m looking forward to my next scar, wrinkle, and bruise.

Life is not a museum, where people are lined up like antiques on shelves, pristine and safe.

Life is about finding the balance between brave and stupid; Finding the extremes of each emotion.

If you aren’t here to live, I don’t know what you’re doing.

Where will you go hunting for your next scar?

An old brick building, beaten by a storm. One corner is covered by an old blue tarp. The other side has block-letters that read, "You are beautiful".


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