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I’d like to remind you that you are remarkable.

No one else has ever been you as magnificently as you are.

Now, the tough part of that truth. You aren’t always right. Maybe you have even done something you are not proud of. We all learn and grow and change.

But no one else has ever taken your journey. They cannot judge your soul. And there is no point in trying to compare ourselves to one another.

Someone may think they know you. They may think you fit in a box they built out of their own ideas of who you are and how you would react. It’s ok if you fit in that box and its ok if you don’t. You’re ok either way because the box doesn’t matter.


You are not Schrodinger’s cat. You have the power to decide if you are or are not ready to go out there and live your life.

If you want to stay in bed, that’s ok. If you want to dance, that’s ok.

You are remarkable.

Now, the challenge: While you are believing in yourself, have you forgotten other people are remarkable too?

Other people have the same rights and options that you have. If you want them to support you, be the first one there to support them.

Do you suppose you know other people better than they know you?

We all have our trials, our stories, our wins and losses and embarrassments. Our own sins and struggles. Our own redemptions and redesigns. Our own hidden thoughts, dreams, disappointments.

Now, the lesson: We are all remarkable.

All of us.

With love, Luci Lamb


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