When Comes the Color

It’s interesting how much we look forward to changes in our environment. In winter, we look for the colors of spring. In summer, we look for the colors of autumn. We look forward to the temperature getting lower, or higher.

Occasionally, we think, “What a nice day it is today!” But usually, we find the lacking before we find the beauty. When we do find ourselves in a perfect-feeling day, we are surprised.


Isn’t every day a gift?

I find beauty in every day. The rain is beautiful. The sun, the wind, the grey. Hurricanes and fires and earthquakes – these are all beautiful in their power if in no other way. This is how the world was made. This is creation and destruction, and each step is part of the beautiful dance.

Yet still, we yearn for something else – more quiet, more birds, more life, more peace, more color.

I love the animals, too. They are all beautiful. They work and play and live just like you do. If you are a gift, then so are they. So is their life. Each is part of the circle, the cycle, the choas and order of life and death and production and reproduction.

There is no such thing as an end – only a transition.

There is beauty in stillness, in sameness, but there is beauty in change, too. In every change. There is no good or bad. When a mudslide destroys, it also creates. Think of the single seed at the top of the hill – perhaps it would not have survived in the bright, bare sun – now, at the bottom, damp and buried, it can thrive and grow. Does that make the seed evil? No. Should the seed take responsibility for the destruction that gave it an opportunity? No. It was part of the ebb and flow of reality.

Does it matter why there is chaos? No. Only that there is chaos. For without chaos, there is no transition, no movement, no growth. And so there is no bad – no evil, and there is no good either. Good cannot exist without bad, so if there is no bad, there is no good.

This is why our emotions should not be based on something so flexible and ephemeral as reality.

We can have emotions. We can have hopes and dreams and we can despair and mourn. This is all as it is. Do you see that, because there is no bad there can be no good? Do you see that means judgement is moot? Do not judge your emotions anymore than you would judge a fire for consuming oxygen; a flower for destroying the nutrients in the soil. Things are destroyed to make other things.

aging flowers

The only promise we are given is that each thing will become another thing. A rock will become sand. A water molecule will be used to create a poison. This is transition. This is what we are waiting for.

We look for the color of each season, looking forward to the change that it signifies. It is not good or bad, but we inherently know that it is necessary. That all life requires transition.

That all becomes all. We should not feel negatively about that which we were or will be. But if we do, that is fine as well. That, too, is neither good nor bad.

You have a choice to be happy or sad or indifferent or anything you please. It is not the world that adjusts and directs your emotions – it is you. You are in full control of how you see the world’s chaos.

To me, because I choose to see it as such, the world is always beautiful.


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