“Their Love” is Live on Amazon!

“Their Love” is an anthology of love poems relevant for lovers of any gender and orientation. There is not enough poetry in the world for people who do not fit into the old stereotypical paradigm. I wanted to do my part to normalize poetry that uses they/them or is at least nonspecific about the gender of one of the lovers described.

The submissions for this compilation were part of a competition. All poems (beside my own) were judged based on originality, skill, depth of feeling, and adherence to concept. On behalf of myself and the panel of judges, thank you to everyone who submitted your work. It was an honor to read them.

Congratulations to the included poets! In alphabetical order:


Favour Allen

Jack Whyte

Mark Andrew Heathcote

Mark Sainz

Peter Miller

Phillip Knight Scott

V Anos

A panel of unbiased judges made the exceptionally difficult decision of a winner.

Congratulations to Phillip Knight Scott for his poem, “A Kingdom of Two”!

In just eight lines, this heartwarming poem describes a beautiful scene, complete with symbolism and emotion. This is more than a love poem. It is a poetry refuge.

Love is for everyone. Let’s stop defining it and start living it.

One note of clarification about the cover: I was not able to put more than one author on the cover using Kindle’s Cover Creator. When I can do that, I will. I made the title page as clear as possible, and listed the author’s name by each poem. I would not want there to be any misunderstanding about who wrote what.

Again, congratulations to the authors who won their place in the book! You will be receiving your prizes soon!


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