Their Love 2 Poetry Contest!

Announcing your opportunity to be published in Their Love 2, Foundations! In 2022, we published an anthology of love poems relevant for lovers of any gender and orientation. All included poems used “they/them”, or were nonspecific about the gender of one or both of the lovers. The result was a beautiful collection of heartfelt poetry from authors all over the world. But there is more … Continue reading Their Love 2 Poetry Contest!

Shifting, a poem of hope

Shifting Ajune’s past was scratched off and abandoned, an old snake’s skin left to decay on the couch. Free of old fears, unblinded eyes registered the beauty of the moment as each box filled. Youth is moved through trembling fingers, shifting innocence from the present into the past. The ones who should shelter and care, instead crumple pictures and faces, turning away. The last scene … Continue reading Shifting, a poem of hope

The Last Holiday, A Rhyme

Violet and gold, Green and gray, There never was another way. Blue and black, Candy apple red, I won’t forget what was said. Strawberry tarts, Pumpkin pie, A grain of truth in every lie. Cherry danish, Lemon meringue, I won’t be coming here again. Orange and peach, Nectarine and grape, I don’t think it’s a mistake. Cantaloupe, And honeydew, I’ll be better off without you. … Continue reading The Last Holiday, A Rhyme