The Last Holiday, A Rhyme

Violet and gold, 
Green and gray,
There never was another way.

Blue and black,
Candy apple red,
I won’t forget what was said.

Strawberry tarts,
Pumpkin pie,
A grain of truth in every lie.

Cherry danish,
Lemon meringue,
I won’t be coming here again.

Orange and peach,
Nectarine and grape,
I don’t think it’s a mistake.

And honeydew,
I’ll be better off without you.

Holidays can be horrible but we keep going back.

Why is that?

Maybe this is the year you decide to talk about the way they treat you.

They can love you or not.

Loving yourself is what’s important.

I love you.

May this be season be bright,

Luci Lamb


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