The Last Holiday, A Rhyme

Violet and gold, Green and gray, There never was another way. Blue and black, Candy apple red, I won’t forget what was said. Strawberry tarts, Pumpkin pie, A grain of truth in every lie. Cherry danish, Lemon meringue, I won’t be coming here again. Orange and peach, Nectarine and grape, I don’t think it’s a mistake. Cantaloupe, And honeydew, I’ll be better off without you. … Continue reading The Last Holiday, A Rhyme

Their Love, A Poetry Competition

A Gender-Neutral Love Poetry Contest for Publication “Their Love; A Poetry Refuge”, is the highly anticipated collection of love poems designed to be relevant for lovers of any gender and orientation. Share the love! Be published for free in this poetry compilation full of gender-neutral, romantic love poems by submitting up to 4 poems in the competition. Submit up to 4 poems to be published … Continue reading Their Love, A Poetry Competition

“I feel like a Joan”

Let’s talk about self-awareness and imposter syndrome, using Buffy the Vampire Slayer. In Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Buffy has been granted super-strength and other things that make her the best person to fight the bad guys. After 5 seasons of tough fights, wins, and loses, she does not always feel like she is up to the challenge. We see many times when it is only … Continue reading “I feel like a Joan”

Breathe Deep, A One-Breath Meditation

Breathe. Deeper. Fill your lungs, then use your stomach, your diaphragm to purposefully continue filling your body with as much air as it can hold. Take a moment to realize how much extra air you can inhale beyond your usual, weaker breaths. As you slowly exhale, allow your body to relax. Once you feel you have exhaled enough, keep going. Use your diaphragm once more … Continue reading Breathe Deep, A One-Breath Meditation